Firehouse Subs Adds Beer Cheese Sauce to its New Pub Steak Sub

Firehouse Subs Pub Steak Sub with new Beer Cheese Sauce

Firehouse Subs, one of Jacksonville’s top fast-casual restaurant chains is introducing new items to its menu. The chain is now offering a Pub Steak Sub topped with a unique beer cheese sauce that sounds divine.

The zesty new recipe, which is available at select locations in the U.S. for a limited time only, is made with steak and fried onions.

But what makes this sub really special is the sauce slathered on the toasted roll. The new sauce is a blend of cheddar and real American cheese with white Belgian wheat ale, yummy.

Even though this new recipe sounds delicious, there’s not much information about it online, yet. So we still don’t know which locations will carry this new product offering, how much does it cost, and how many calories it has.

We also don’t know if this new Sub is suitable for kids. Or people with certain medical conditions that force them to avoid eating foods cooked with alcohol.

What we do know is that the new beer cheese sauce was created by the company’s Director of Product Development, Jay Miller.

We also found out that Rold Gold Original Tiny Twists Pretzels will be available on the chain’s menu for a limited time as well.

Firehouse Subs customers love hot specialty subs and based on the latest customer data this new recipe really hits the nail.

The sub has the right ingredients and the perfect flavor profile to complement the delicious food offered at Firehouse Subs.

You can order the new Pub Steak Sub with beer cheese sauce at any restaurant location near you, online, and through the Firehouse Subs app.

The app is available on both Android and iOS, and it is very easy to use. Ordering from the app is a breeze and saves you time and money.

If you already have an Uber Eats account, then you can also use that. Firehouse Subs recently formed a national partnership with the ride-hailing giant’s food delivery app. So using the UberEats app to get food delivered to you is a good option too.

But remember, the Pub Steak Sub will be available at select locations and for a limited time only. So before getting too excited, call your local Firehouse Subs and ask them if they’re selling it there.

Once you’ve found a location nearby, call the phone number provided to contact the restaurant. When they answer your call, ask them if the beer cheese Sub is available at that location.

If it’s not available at that particular location, ask them where to get it, or try another location.


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